Understanding CSE, grooming and cyber safety for foster carers

Safeguarding | taught by Joanna Oliver

Course description

The swift growth of the internet in recent years, has brought with it many benefits to society. It has also brought challenges and in relation to children and young people, the potential for grooming and abusing their vulnerability is a scary and dangerous by-product. Perhaps the greatest challenge is that the internet is a vehicle whereby young people often have more insight into it than adults do and this means that secret spaces can be grown, with parents and carers being ignorant to their existence.

This session focuses upon some of these challenges and some of the ways that foster carers can manage them. 

This session does not provide all information and is not a one-size-fits-all answer to the issues raised.  Moreover, it is a vehicle for raising important issues and encouraging reflection.

Towards the end of the narrated presentation are slides that signpost to further information and resources, that will help in this reflective endeavour, including videos and case studies.

The session sits within the wider safeguarding remit and thus is core training for foster carers.

Joanna Oliver
Joanna Oliver
Learning Space Trainer

Welcome to the Chrysalis Care Learning Space.  My name is Joanna Oliver and I have worked with Chrysalis Care since they were founded by Lynda and Lou Boden in 1997.  I hold a Masters degree in Therapeutic Child Care and outside of Chrysalis Care, I am a Senior University Lecturer. I look forward to helping you in your journey to fostering excellence.